Let's Shape our Futures, Together.

Ume is a company born from the idea that by harnessing the power of teamwork, we can help shape our futures.

We are Ume

A company born from the idea that no matter where you are in your working life, having people by your side can help you prosper. Whether that’s someone that’s been through a similar journey, or someone with a different experience that can translate the lessons they learnt, ultimately we believe a collective contribution can result in greater individual growth.


Diverse Connections

We help you meet an array of people at all different levels, facilitating a diverse professional and personal network.

Supportive Community

You’ll be joining a community that’s there for you as much as you’re there for them, so you always know you’re supported.

Tangible Results

We’re here to help you prosper, and we won’t stop until you do. So no matter your goals, our community makes them their own.

Flexible System

We understand that every member is different, and our system caters for it, flexing dependent upon your own personal needs and goals.

Our Offerings

Ume is split into three key sectors, the Ume Community, Ume Marketplace and Ume Foundation, there to foster growth, garner traction, and give back respectively.


Meet, connect and grow.

Where we create networks helping make your working livelihoods more lively.


Buy, sell and support.

Where the best of our community’s products and services get put up for sale.


Figure it out. Get it done. Make it Better.

A special blend of strategy, foresight, design & pragmatic execution.


A place to give back as a community.

Where we donate 1% of all revenue to support a better future for our world.

Join the Ume Community today!

Feel like it might be time to take the next step in your working life? No matter whether you’re aspiring, emerging or established, join a community that can help foster growth and make your working livelihood more lively.
"The more time I spend with this group of super switched-on humans my world-view broadens and so many possibilities emerge about the creation of workplaces that think and act differently. Most importantly, I feel connected to, and supported and encouraged by a group of people who genuinely want me to succeed."
Founder Tilt Shift

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