How The Ume Marketplace Works

The Ume Marketplace is a curated collection of offerings provided by Ume Community Members. Our marketplace is always open, so anyone around the world can explore and purchase anytime.

The Ume Marketplace is how we:

  • Provide professional and personal wellness pathways & outcomes for Ume Community Members and marketplace customers,
  • Practically support and amplify Ume Community Members’ Shopfronts and offerings to local, national, and international markets, and
  • Aim to make Ume Members livelihoods more lively.

Key principles:

  • Ume Marketplace shopfront sellers are Ume Community Members. To become a member, please click on the “Join Us” button above. The first 30 days are free!
  • Ume Community Members get preferential pricing on all items, all the time.

Trading Terms, Conditions, and Fees

The following outlines the Ume Marketplace Trading Terms and Fees for Learning Experiences, Non-licensed Professional Services, Lifestyle Services and Products.

Ume Marketplace Shopfront establishment fee:

A one-off Shopfront establishment fee of A$100 is payable before your shopfront is published, which will cover initial shopfront setup and co-operative advertising fee for first month post launch.

The following fees will be applied to every Marketplace sale and deducted prior to your payment.*:

  • Ume Fee = 10% of the net turnover (including any applicable GST, freight and any customised content, gift wrapping etc) after any discounts have been applied.
  • Co-operative Advertising Fee = 5% (including any applicable GST, freight and any customised content, gift wrapping etc) after any discounts have been applied. 100% of co-operative advertising fees collected will go towards advertising your shopfront and offering/s.
  • Transaction Fee: Ume uses Stripe for our payment gateway & processing the transactions. Stripe’s fees will be deducted from the final payment you receive. Ume will not add any additional transaction fee on top of any Stripe Fees. At the time of writing Stripes Transaction Fees were 1.75% of the net turnover (including GST, freight etc), plus $0.30 per transaction.
  • Ume Foundation Fee: 1% of all net turnover (calculated on Net RRP) will be sent to the Ume Foundation, Ume Co’s charitable fund.

*These fees may be subject to change

Example of applied fees

Sue’s shopfront sells a face-to-face user Learning experience for $1,500 including GST.

 Description Amount 
RRP, Including GST (net turnover)$1,500.00 
Total GST $136.37 
RRP, ex-GST $1,363.63 
Ume Fee @ 10% of net turnover, calculated on $1,500.00 $150.00 
Co-op Advertising Fee @ 5% of net turnover $75.00 
Stripe Transaction Fee @ 1.75% & $0.30 of net turnover $26.25 + $0.30 = $26.55 
Ume Foundation @ 1% of net turnover$15.00
What $’s will be transferred to your bank account?$1,233.45* 
*This payment includes GST, which is to be paid by the Shopfront Seller if they are registered for GST  

Discount to Ume Community Members

All Ume Community Members will receive a permanent 10% discount off all offerings purchased in the Ume Marketplace.

How do I get paid?

During the setup of your Shopfront, you will be asked to link a stripe account.  It can be an existing account you have created, or you can create a new account in the Shopfront application process.  All money you earn, (less fees) will be paid directly into the bank account you have specified in your Stripe set up.

When will Ume pay me?

Basically, you will be paid once the offering has been delivered in full and any cancellation period has expired.


As the seller, you are responsible for lodgement and payment to the ATO of the GST component of all transactions where GST is applicable and if GST is applicable to your circumstances. All Charges from Ume Co to Ume Marketplace Sellers will include GST regardless of the GST status of the Ume Marketplace Seller. This is not taxation advice, so please consult an accountant regarding your GST status and GST payments.

Sales and bundling discounts.

If a shopfront seller decides to offer a further discount on an offering/s, this discount will be deducted off the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of their offering/s.

Application: Shopfront and Offerings

What do you need to start your Ume Marketplace Shopfront Application?

A current Ume Community Membership is all you need to start. Please click on “Join Us” button in the header above to get started. 

Click here for the Ume Shopfront Application Form

The Ume Marketplace Application process is as follows:

  • Ume Community Members must agree to Ume Marketplace Shopfront Seller’s Terms and Conditions and complete a Ume Marketplace Shopfront application for approval
  • Once your shop front application is submitted it will be assessed by Ume.
  • Once your Shopfront Seller application is approved it will be published and you will be given access to add your offering/s.
  • All submitted shop front offerings will also be subject to assessment and final approval by Ume Co prior to publishing.

Application Review and Assessment

Once your application has been submitted, your shopfront application and offering/s submission form(s) will be evaluated by the Ume Co team.

  • Does it align to Ume Co values?
  • Is the offering feasible, viable and desirable?
  • Will the Seller be able to meet Ume’s required Customer Service standards?
  • Is there enough of a unique value proposition or demand to generate interest?
  • How crowded is this category or offering space?
  • What is the Point of Difference of the offering and/or value compared to current offerings in the same category?
  • Pricing and/or Value for money.
  • Quality of the offering provided.
  • Geographical location and ability to supply offering.

Application feedback and level of assessment:

You will receive feedback and a level of assessment:

  • Approved: Your shopfront and offerings are approved and published.
  • Small tweak: Other than a minor adjustment you are good to go e.g., pricing/ small design changes.
  • Soft no: Ume will enter into a discussion with you to offer a range of suggestions and recommendations to improve your offering and better your chances of acceptance.
  • Wait list: Overcrowded marketplace (too many of the exact same product). If demand Increases or other sellers offering the same or similar products drop off the marketplace then you may be given an opportunity to list. This also provides a potential shopfront seller an opportunity to pivot to an offering with a unique point of difference.
  • Hard no: Offering does not meet our standards and has no chance of a pivot (dark net, pornography, racist, misogynistic, illegal drug related, illegal content, misaligned ideals etc).

General Information

Intellectual property (IP)

There are a few ways offerings can be designed and created for the Marketplace:

  • Offering exclusively designed by you. Your IP to market and manage.
  • Offering designed in partnership. You + Ume Co. We agree to the IP split together, partnership.
  • Offering exclusively designed by Ume Co. Ume Co owns the IP.


All Ume Marketplace Shopfront Sellers are responsible for providing their own insurance. Please consult an insurance provider to ascertain the type of insurance and level of coverage required for your circumstances.

Customer Service Complaints, Disputes and Resolutions

It is the responsibility of the Ume Marketplace Seller to manage and resolve any customer complaints received regarding their Ume Marketplace Offerings directly with the customer. If Ume Co receives any complaints regarding a Ume Marketplace Shopfront Seller directly from a Ume Marketplace Customer, we will forward it directly to the Ume Marketplace Seller for management and resolution. If the customer complaint cannot be resolved directly between the Ume Marketplace Seller and customer and Ume Co must become involved, then Ume Co will charge the seller $200/hour, or part thereof to resolve this claim to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Removal from Ume Marketplace.

Shopfronts and offerings can be removed from the Ume Marketplace for the following reasons:

  • Low total customer satisfaction ratings: Minimum Rating required to stay on the platform = 4.0 (out of 5.)
  • Evidence of a clear decline in quality of offering from the time of application.
  • Offering no longer meets our assessment criteria and shopfront seller is unable or unwilling to change.

Marketplace Shopfront Sellers and their offerings may be removed if they have:

  • deceived or mislead a member or non-member or provided them with misleading or false information about you, your shop front or your offering; or
  • harmed, harassed, hassled or abused any member or non-members; or
  • sent un-welcomed communication such as spam to any employer or member; or
  • acted in an unlawful, abusive, defamatory, discriminatory or otherwise objectionable manner; or
  • infringed the intellectual property or privacy rights of any member, non-member or any third-party.

Ume Co, at its discretion, reserves the right to remove, edit or alter any content created by you on the Marketplace.

Review & Learn

Shopfront and offering/s sales reporting

Your shopfront and offering/s sales analytics can be found in your Ume Marketplace Dashboard.

Check-in frequency:

Ume Co will check-in with all Ume Marketplace Sellers on a 3 monthly, or quarterly basis.